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Secalive is considered one of the strongest places that build the cyber-crime investigations mindset mixed with technical labs to deliver the solid critical thinking required to be an exceptional cyber security expert. 

Secalive offers recognized trainings in the cyber security field. Our training courses are a mix of academic theory and hands-on exercises to help you develop a modern, tactical cyber security skill set. 

Reclaim The Advantage

Prevent Cyber Threats From Becoming Business Disrupting Events with Secalive Inc

Secalive Proudly offers courses in Cyber criminal justice and cyber security technical trainings. 

Whether you are an organization or individual, our training programs are designed to build a strong team of Cyber-Criminal investigators and Cyber Security Experts. 

Security awareness
beyond compliance

We create dedicated cybersecurity awareness training programs. We don’t use training templates; we craft special training that works for your organization. Our Programs are developed by the world’s leading experts.

Old Way



Same training for everyone or training for very large groups



Manual training selected from a training library



Only engages on failed responses to phishing simulations



Awareness programs cover overly broad scope of topics


Individual training progression and personalization


Machine learning-assisted training selection for individuals based on your prioritization


Engage both on successful and on failed responses


Risk based program built around measured and prioritized risk

Want to create a more security-conscious workforce?

Almost all data breaches start from a social engineering attack like phishing. It’s usually much easier for cybercriminals to exploit human insensibility than technology vulnerabilities. Every business should train its employees with expected attack scenarios. Our training is framed to match your business threats and to deliver technical knowledge to your team.

Cognitive for security awareness

Phishing training

Teach employees to recognize and report malicious emails.

Threat response

Enrich and orchestrate threat data to mitigate active threats found by employees..

Awareness training

Teach employees about other aspects of security awareness.

Cyber criminal specialist training

Teach your employees how to gather evidence from digital systems that can be used in the prosecution of internet-based, or cyberspace, criminal activity.

Security For  Kids

Every user, role and department is different. That’s why we've developed an intelligent way to teach kids.

Children today are growing up with technology, not growing into it like previous generations. The children of the 2020s are online more than any generation before them. Everything from their phones to their TVs to their gaming systems can connect to the internet.
Since kids are online more than ever, they must know how to use the internet safely.

Secalive is offering interactive cyber security training for all juniors and school ages. Please check our online program and feel free to invite us to your school, and we are happy to offer our courses to your school.

Our Testimonials

“The course was fascinating. The trainer was excellent, knowledgeable, experienced and has the ability to translate technical words in to business language made it easy to understand. I attended the security awareness training."

Mark L.

"I was coming from a very low knowledge base about security, and I attended the fundamental security programs. The course was well structured, with both interactive activities and theory. The trainer had a lot of knowledge and shared many best practices with the group. Very effective session.”

Daniel O.